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What is Safflower Oil?

Safflower oil, as the name implies, is made from the extract of safflower seeds.

It has an oleic-acid content normally between 80% and 83%, one of the highest of all cooking oils on the market, giving it stability for high-temperature cooking. The high oleic-acid content also contributes to lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol and maintaining good (HDL) cholesterol.

In addition to being all natural, our oil also has great cooking benefits because of the varieties we use and our soil climate. Whether you are deep frying, baking, stir frying or sautéing our oil is right for you.

About Us

The Oil Barn is a small, women owned and operated business located in the Golden Triangle of Montana. We pride ourselves on being grown in Montana, Made in Montana, and Organic.  Our carefully selected non GMO safflower seed is grown on organic, family farms in Montana.  It is cold pressed in small artisan batches, unbleached, and unrefined in our zero waste facility in North-Central Montana.

Over the years of organic farming, we have developed a deep respect for the earth and understand the value of healthy farming practices. 

Our products can be found in these locations:

Big Sandy, Montana

Billings, Montana

Bozeman, Montana

Clinton, Michigan

Ennis, Montana

Ft Benton, Montana

Great Falls, Montana


Helena, Montana

Havre, Montana

  • Streatery, Address: 675 1st St W (used in fryer for cooking and in sauces)

  • Gary & Leo's Fresh Foods IGA, Address: 730 1st St (bottles)

  • Simply Natural & Health Connections, Address: 1305 11th St W (bottles)

Kalispell, Montana

Lolo, Montana​

  • The Sweets Barn, Address: 11380 US-93 S (bottles with infusions)

Missoula, Montana

Whitefish, Montana

Riverton, Utah

Santa Cruz, California

  • Rejuvenative Foods, Web Address: (seeds from The Oil Barn used to make safflower oil)

About Us

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